Environmental Physiology of Domestic Animals---Spring 2024
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Course Material

Required Textbook:

Environmental Physiology of Livestock (by Collier and Collier)
Go to the Purdue Libraries and download the free pdf copy of this textbook.

Other Reading Material (always listed here, not in BS):

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I have decided to keep this CO information at the top of this webpage because it illustrates
how dangerous CO really is.

More CO News (Below list will be updated all Spring semester)

Carbon Monoxide Victims of 2024--------Deaths and Non-Lethal Exposures

All semester I intend to add links that lead to CO deaths/accidents that occurred during this semester.
I want to show how many cases there are and how needless (and preventable) the losses are.
Be aware that links to newspapers (and the like) often go dead after some time due to their management of web content.
I will not be able to post all CO cases, but the ones I do post will for sure give you an idea how these poisonings happen.

Total deaths since the semester started on January 8th = 31 people

February 24, 2024---Man dead, woman in critical condition from CO in Baltimore

February 20, 2024---2 people dead in running vehicle caused by CO

February 16, 2024---Woman dies of CO poisoning

February 15, 2024---Family of 3 dead from CO in Philadelphia

February 13, 2024---Two people and 1 cat dead from CO in central Minnesota

February 12, 2024---Woman and 7-year-old son dead in garage due to CO exposure

February 7, 2024---Woman and 2 dogs die in car from CO fumes

February 1, 2024---Ice Storms lead to CO deaths (Walter Cranford, father of 3 young children, dies of CO poisoning)

January 30, 2024---Young woman dies of CO poisoning (Maria Renteria)

January 26, 2024---Two women found dead inside Macon, GA home

January 22, 2024---Borup man dies from CO poisoning in fish house

January 20, 2024---Man and dog dead of CO in garage

January 18, 2024---Mother dies on church retreat from suspected CO poisoning

January 17, 2024---Seymour, IN police find one teenager dead inside vehicle, CO suspected

January 17, 2024---Two people die from CO poisoning in Greenfield, WI

Jamuary 15, 2024---2 students dead in Hartford, CT apartment

January 11, 2024---Family mourns loss of 3 people due to CO poisoning (generator in home)

January 9, 2024---Three residents found dead from apparent CO poisoning

Posted on April 9, 2024

 (April 17th is our last class meeting since we can't have an assessment during Quiet Week-a PU rule, not mine)

Material for the week of April 15th



Vomeronasal Organ

Flehmen Response

Bruce Effect

Coolidge Effect

Lee-Boot Effect

Vandenbergh Effect

Whitten Effect

The Boar Effect

Hog Mate

Bull Exposure-1

Bull Exposure-2

Ram Exposure

Dog Appeasing Pheromone

Calming Pheromones

Links for class on 4/17

Boar behavior-1

Boar behavior-2

Boar behavior-3

Breeding gilts/sows

Posted on April 8, 2024

Replaces class today-A video

For A9, the Q that starts with "On various farmes, incandescent........."

Was not graded, everyone earned 5 pts. from that Q.

Posted on March 23, 2024

A comment on the grading of A7. The Q that referred to "This scientific technique involves
the automatic recording........" was not graded. Everyone received the full 5 points for that Q.
And remember that 5 points are added to everyone's score because most assessments have 75 points
possible, but the syllabus states 80 points.  This has been stated in class several times. Finally, A7 was
worth 90 points possible because of the way the Five Freedoms question  took up 20 points.
So that means A7 had 10 bonus points possible. 18 students scored 90% and above on A7.
And of those students, 6 scored 100% or above.

Page               Paragraph starts this way

85                      heat-stress abatement

85                    A dramatic reduction

                                89              Somatotropin and insulin-like growth factor

                91                    A potentially novel participant

                92                                Insulin is also a potent 

Confounding---Optional Reading

The Powerful Placebo---Optional Reading


Posted on March 10, 2024

We are done with the Toxicant links

So on to new topics-----Read Chapter 5 in our textbook for the week of Marth 18th

Guide for the Care and Use of Agricultural Animals in Research and Teaching

Read Chapter 6
in our textbook for the week of Marth 25th

Read Chapter 13 in our textbook for the week of April 1st and links below:
Circadian rhythms
Pineal Gland-1
Pineal Gland-2
Dairy Cattle-1

Video for April 8th (replaces our in-class meeting)


Posted on Feb. 29, 2024

For the assessment on 3/6, lets consider the following the most recent material:

****All Teratogen links



Posted on Feb. 22, 2024

For the assessment on 2/28, lets consider the following the most recent material:

Antifreeze/Ethylene Glycol

Posted on Feb. 17, 2024

For the assessment on 2/21, lets consider the following the most recent material:

Blister Beetles
Stray Voltage
Antifreeze/Ethylene Glycol

Posted on Feb. 9, 2024

For the assessment on 2/14, lets consider the following the most recent material:

Sweet Clover
Mare R.L.S.

Feel free to take a picture of your assessment before you hand it in each Wednesday.


How all assessments will be graded (80 pts)

1) All assessments will have 15 questions.

2) All Qs will be worth up to 5 pts (with partial credit awarded when possible)

3) After calculating points earned, an additional 5 pts will be added to the final tally.

4) A check mark in the left margin by the question indicates the Q earned
the full 5 points possible.

5) A "X" mark near the end of the Q on the right side means zero pts awarded.

6) A number near  the end of the Q on the right side indicates partial credit awarded.

7) Rod will make copies of all assessments before returning to students. So if you lose an
assessment, Rod can give you a copy of your orginal assessment.


Posted on Feb. 1, 2024

Please read Chapter 3 in our textbook.

On Monday (2/5) and Wednesday (2/7) we will finish our discussion on Thermoregulation.

Remember, we have A2 on 2/7 (most of A2 will be on Thermoregulation and a little on gases).

Please remember the 80/20 rule for assessments.

For the week of Feb. 12th, we will start discussing toxicants and toxins that can influence our domestic animals.

Environmental Toxicants and Toxins (a few of the 100's)

Sweet Clover Poisoning

More Sweet Clover Poisoning

Dead cattle lead to the discovery of Warfarin

Toxic pet food kills dozens of dogs-aflatoxin

More dogs are dying of aflatoxin

Melamine pet food recall

Melamine Update

Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome

Blister Beetles Kill Horses

Blister Beetle Poisoning





Watch this video--start at minute marker 14:55

Watch this video--start at minute marker 2:37

Stray Voltage-1

Stray Voltage-2

Stray Voltage-3

Stray Voltage-4

Antifreeze Poisoning in Dogs

Ethylene Glycol Poisoning

Chocolate Poisoning in Dogs





Malathion (PPT file)

Lead Toxicosis-1

Lead Toxicosis-2

Lead Toxicosis-3

Grape and raisin toxicity in dogs





Teratogens-7 (open pdf file then read pages 175-185 only)









Hormone Implants

Local Hormone Delivery

Estradiol benzoate

E-Learning for January 24, 2024




On Monday, please remember we assigned reading Chapter 2 in our textbook.

On Monday (1/29) come to class with questions you have about Thermo.

On Wednesday (1/31) we will have Assessment #1 (not a practice one).

Understanding per cent and ppm

Practice Assessment #3

After class on this past Monday (1/22), a current student in our course came up to me after class
and said they had been best friends with the young man (Colton Howard) who died in the
grain bin accident I discussed that day. I heard more about the events on that fateful day
and the story made me very sad.



Manure Pit Gases

Manure Gas Safety

Manure gases

Deaths from Manure Pit gases

Two Sewer Workers Die

Silo Gas Dangers

 Silo gas

Another silo death

Grain Bin Entrapment


Radon test kit

Phosphine Gas-1

Phosphine Gas-2



Generators can cause deadly CO poisoning.


What will be on Wednesday's (1/17) assessment........???

All lecture and reading material.


Carbon monoxide #1

Carbon monoxide #2

Carbon monoxide #3

CO #4

CO #5

CO #6

CO deaths

More CO deaths

And more CO deaths

2 more CO deaths

Savannah's Law now in Effect

3 More CO deaths

4 More CO deaths

Hotels and CO

CO Detectors-A video

A website that tracks CO poisonings

Manual for CO410 Detector

Information about CO detectors and their respective lag periods.