Animal Health Management-Fall 2022
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Required Reading/Video Material

For the Week of  September 26

Make one-page summaries of each link (due 10/4, midnight, Brightspace, pdf)

S10--One page summary of-----Ovarian Cysts in Dairy Cattle

S11--One page summary of----Tetanus

For the Week of  September 19

Make one-page summaries of each link (due 9/27, midnight, Brightspace, pdf)

S7--One page summary of---Freemartinism

S8--One page summary of---Immune Response Profiles in Dairy Cattle

S9--One page summary of-----Stray Voltage

For the Week of  September 12

Make one-page summaries of each link (due 9/20 midnight, Brightspace, pdf)

--One page summary of-----Canine Bloat

S5--One page summary of-----Bovine Bloat

S6--One page summary of-----Canine/Feline Pancreatitis

For the Week of  September 6

Make one-page summaries of each link (due 9/13, Brightspace)

S1--One page summary of---Aflatoxin

S2--One page summary of-----Copper Toxicosis

S3--One page summary of----Xylitol Toxicosis in Dogs

For the Week of August 29


Activated Charcoal

(Software problems delayed this post, so Tuesday's (9/6) quiz will be open-book)
For the week of August 22

70% ETOH

Autoclave 1 and Autoclave 2  

 EO video