ALS-Animals (2014-15)
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Semester Outline of ALS Animals Standards


Recent Addition-Feb. 3, 2015

Rod is beginning to record ALS lecture material on his YouTube Channel

Click on "Biology of Companion Animals-Lessons" after clicking on the link directly above.

(New recordings will be added throughout the spring)


Please note: Since there is only one exam coming to you from Purdue,

feel free to teach the topics in any order you wish.

Reading Material (by main topic)

Anatomy & Physiology--Fall

Heart and Blood Circulation
Respiratory System
Endocrine System
Nervous System
Special Senses
Muscles and Bones
Urinary System
Digestive System

Reproduction & Lactation--Fall

The Reproductive System and Lactation

Immunity & Health--Fall

Immune System


Nutrition & Digestion/Metabolism--Spring

All about Nutrition

[It would also be good to review the material presented on the
digestive system in the Anatomy and Physiology Section-Fall Term]




Animal Behavior




Handy Reference Site

Rod's main webpage

Archived Material

Biology of Companion Animals---Spring 2014