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Handy Animal Biology Sites (open in new window)

Recent Additions

Collection of In Vivo Derived Mouse and Pig Embryos

Basic Embryo Stages and Development

(Links that disappear above have been moved to the list below)

All Feline Hospital-Good info for cat owners

Almost a

Anatomy-various animals-very, very good

Anatomy and Physiology of Animals-I

Anatomy and Physiology of Animals-II

Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals@Arizona

Anatomy Atlases

Anatomy/Histology Resources

Animal Drugs @ FDA

Animal Endocrine Clinic

Animal Physiology-(mostly in English-well done)

Animals Inside Out--watch the preview--link at top of page

Antonyms--Rod's Favorites (pdf)

Applied Animal Nutrition--Click "next" at top--pretty good!

Awesome Mega-Site with many Free Biology Resources-(explore carefully)

Behavioral Endocrinology (resources for the book-pick a chapter at top)

Biological Anthropology Tutorials

Biomedical Sciences Website @ CSU

Blood Collection Sites in Dogs/Cats

Body Worlds--Human

Bone Anatomy and Physiology--Human

Bovine Myology

Brain Gross Anatomy

Campbell Lab and Teaching Site (click on Directory Page)

Campbell Reproductive Biology Site

Cat Anatomy Tutorial

Color Atlas of Equine Pathology

Common Prefixes, Suffixes, and Combining Forms Used in Biology

Companion Animal Parasite Council

Comparative Gastroenterology

Comparative Neuromuscular Laboratory--(for companion animals)

Cornell University Vet School-Clinical Pathology

Dairy Cattle Necropsy-(How to manual)

Diagnostic Pathology

Digestive System Hypertext--(Well written)

Dissection of the Sheep Brain--(Well done)

Domestic Animal Anatomy and Physiology Lab

ECG--Learning what the electrocardiogram indicates

e.hormone--Environmental Hormones


Endocrine System-1

Endocrine System-2

Endocrine System-3

Endocrine System Hypertext--(Well written)

Fetal Pig Dissection

Free On-line Full-text Science Articles

Glossary for Animal Physiology-1

Glossary for Animal Physiology-2

Glossary of Anatomy

Hematology and Urinalysis



Histology of SIU School of Medicine

Histology Lab Manual

Histology Slides at University of Michigan--click on WebScope Image


Horse Coat Color Game

Horse Dissection

Horse Dissection on YouTube

Human Anatomy Online

Human Dissection Online------Graphic!!!!

Human Myology

Human Physiologyy

Image Gallery-Histology @ Tufts University

Inherited Diseases in Dogs

Interactive Health Tutorials (Humans)

Internet Pathology Laboratory

Kimball's Biology Pages

Laboratory Animal Science Resources

Lactation Biology

Lectures in Respiratory Physiology (excellent)

Lectures in Pulmonary Pathophysiology

LUMEN (Med School Stuff)

Lymphatic Territories in the Dog

Many Topics-at a beginner level

Many Veterinary Topics at OSU

Meat Goats (much info on....)

Medical Images

Medical Physiology and Pathophysiology

Merck Manual-Pet Health Edition

Merck Veterinary Manual

Neuroscience Online Textbook-well done

Online Animal Reproduction Quizzes

Online Biology Book

Online Free Courses @ edX

Online Veterinary Anatomy Museum

Open Access Animal Physiology Journal

Open Educational Resources

Perinatology (Mammals)

Pet Health Topics @ WSU

Pet Web Library

Physiology Courses at Atlantic Veterinary College

Physiology Training Module

Poultry Anatomy and Physiology

Renal Physiology Lecture@Yale

Reproductive Physiology-----Course at UW--well done--great images on PPT files

Resources for Teaching Anatomy and Physiology

Roitt's Essential Immunology

Sheep Heart Dissection

Small Animal Theriogenology-Class Notes-(well done)

Textbook of Small Animal Orthopaedics

The Biology Project (ASU)

Theriogenology Images (cattle) at KSU

Theriogenology at LSU

Vet Videos

Veterinary Anatomy-many images

Veterinary Clinical Neurology (Video-Clip Archives)

Veterinary Educational Tools-very good

Veterinary Histology-1

Veterinary Histology-2

Veterinary Histology @ UPenn-you click on what you want to see

Veterinary Medicine----Computer Aided Learning (A lot of info)

Veterinary Pathology Forum

Veterinary Pharmacology

Veterinary Radiology (various lectures)

Veterinary Radiology-Course Material

Veterinary Radiology-Interesting Cases

Videos of Anatomy and Abnormal Conditions (Humans)

Videos of Surgical Procedures (Human)

Web Based Lessons in Pathology

Other Handy Sites

45,000 Free eBooks (Good for classic fiction)


Center for Learning and Performance Technologies

Drug and Food Recalls (Veterinary-related)

FDA Approved Prescription Drug Information-Human

Fun Website about Dogs

Indiana College Completion Rates-summary 4-yr colleges

Indiana College Completion Rates-full report

Indiana State Fairgrounds Calendar (Lists dog shows, etc. for each month)

Integrated Livestock Management @ CSU


MSDS stuff-including a glossary

Quotes by Mankind

Quotes by Mahatma Gandhi


Outbreaks of Foodborne Illness (Humans)

Pet Food Recalls

Recent visitors to Rod's webpage

Rod's Tools for Learning

Rod's YouTube Channel

Students at the Center (of Learning)

U.S. Newspapers

U.S. Veterinary College Websites

Webcams at Purdue University

Webcam-Live Feed-Purdue Memorial Union

Yale Courses (Videos of Lectures)

Rod's Hobbies

Learning How To Learn

HDR Images

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